Friday, June 23, 2023

TS SCERT Activities for 10 Bagless Days- Classes 1 to 10

TS SCERT Activities for 10 Bagless Days - Classes 1 to 10

To help children , Telangana State Education Department  has made a arevolutionary statement , unveiling the establishment of monthly "No Bag Day" in schools beginning this academic year.

This project, which will take place on the fourth saturday of every month , will provide students with a total of ten bagless days throughout the year ,lowering the weight of  their academic commitments.

TS SCERT Activities for 10 Bagless Days- Classes 1to 10

The School Education Department has rleased academic calendars for schools across the state, describing the upcoming academic yearm which runs from 12th June 2023 to April 23 2024. The calendar provides additional activities aimed at establishing a holistic learning environment in addition to providing vacation and assessment periods. These activities which are effortlessly interwovwn into the everyday school routine, include a dedicated reading hour yoga and meditation.

According to Education Secretary Vakati Aruna, the establishment of "NO BAG DAY" is a part of the Governments attempts to alleviate the load placed on pupils. She stated that the Government is actively attempting to reduce bag weight on all school days.

According to Smt Vakati Karuna , the  state government also gives youngsters the option to participate in extracurricular and non-curricular activities. Detailed recommendations for carrying out these actgivities have been distributed to schools and are available on the SCERT website.

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