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NPR - 2020 Enumerator/ Supervisor Roles and Responsibilities

NPR - 2020 Enumerator/ Supervisor  Roles and Responsibilities 

National Population Register Census 2020 Programme which is also called National Population Register  2020 has to be held in the Summer Holidays through out the India.  Supervisor and Enumerators Roles and Responsibilities and Job Chart in the Field work are given clearly in the pdf which is given in this page . Enumerators job chart from the begining to end of the NPR 2020 Programme in India. Generally, for every 10 years Census in India will be held . Therefore it is very important to know the Job chart of Supervisor and Enumerators . Here we have a look at Roles and Responsibilities and Job Chart of Supervisors and enumerators Charts - Census 2020 Programme Roles Responsibilities 

Job Chart - Roles and Responsibilities in Census 2020 Programme


  1. Overseeing the training of enumerators including self-training
  2. Coordinate with charge officer and enumerator and ensure timely distribution of material to the enumerators
  3. Undertaking inspection of the field work
  4. Ensuring timely start and completion
  5. Ensuring correctness and quality of data collection
  6. Ensuring and certifying full coverage of all HLBs in the allotted supervisory circle
  7. Coordinating the field activities of enumerators under her/him
  8. Any other task assigned by the Competent Authority


  1. Collecting Appointment Letter and Identity Card
  2. Attending training compulsorily with full attention
  3. Collect all relevant materials (Layout map etc.) for field work including NPR data booklet, Blank NPR schedule (A4 size) and summary sheet etc. for the area allotted
  4. Studying the manual carefully. If any doubt is there, get it clarified from your Charge Officer
  5. Going around the area assigned to you and familiarize yourself
  6. All usual residents within the boundary of the area assigned to you have to be covered.
  7. Visiting each household to update the demographic information as per process laid out in the manual. In case the house is locked at the time of your visit, please visit again. You may also inform the neighbours to inform the household
  8. Inform the household while preparing the lay out map or canvassing the Houselisting schedule that the numbers like Aadhaar number, Voter ID card number, mobile number, Passport number and Driving License number may be kept ready for data collection under NPR
  9. Update the NPR database for each member of the household.
  10. Inform the respondent that it is her/his duty to give correct particulars regarding each and every normal resident in the household.
  11. Show the updated data to the respondent and obtain her/his signature/ thumb impression in the booklet.
  12. For the residents not found in the booklet, fill up fresh NPR schedule as per process indicated in the manual. For mobile App, new schedules are to be filled up as per process laid out in the respective Instruction Manual.
  13. Ensure that each and every normal resident of the area allotted to you has been covered.
  14. Prepare summary sheet and sign. This is not applicable in mobile App. (In the
  15. event of collecting data through mobile app, the instructions have been elaborated in Instruction Manual of NPR mobile App.
  16. Submit updated NPR data booklet, NPR filled-in schedules and duly signed
  17. Summary sheet to the respective Charge Officer through supervisor.
  18. Submit the unused forms and other materials given for this work.

 Enumerator/ Supervisor Field Work 

Step by Step modifying /correcting NPR data booklet and filling up of new NPR schedule and other forms by the Enumerator during field work:

a)All the pages in the booklet are serially numbered. Ensure that the booklet containsall the pages with proper printing on each page. At the end of booklet, some blank
NPR schedules and summary sheets have also been provided. If any discrepancy isthere, immediately contact your supervisor/charge officer for rectifying the same.

b) The cover page of the booklet (Annex X) contains the Location Particulars of the HLB (2020) or new HLB number which has been allotted to you. Please confirmthat the NPR data booklet is of the same HLB for which you have to undertake the field work.

c) All the particulars like Names of State, District/ Tehsil/Taluk/ P.S./ Dev.Block/Circle/ Mandal, Town/Village with their respective codes will be pre-printed. The Ward
code, Household Block Number and Sub- Block Number and the Pin Code Number will also be pre-printed. The mobile number of the Enumerator is to be recorded on the cover page (Annex X)of the booklet.

d) The NPR updation will be undertaken through enquiries from the head of the household or any adult responsible member of the household. Choose the right respondent who is well informed, articulate and can provide the requisite information by herself/himself or after consulting other member(s) in thehousehold. While recording the information in the NPR Schedule, you are advised to involve as many members in the household as possible. You will find that the NPR data booklet and Schedule is simple and easy to understand, once you are conversant and familiar with it. The questions included in the NPR are self-explanatory and mainly deal with name of members of the household and their place of residence. Please remember that every member in thehousehold has different particulars and hence particulars of each and every
member of the household should be correctly ascertained and recorded.
e) The degree of accuracy in filling up of the NPR data during the enumeration largely depends on the interest taken by you in following the instructions contained in this manual.  You are, therefore, advised to go through these instructions more than once because total grasp of the terms used and absolutecommand over the system of entering answers to various questions  will form the foundation for systematic enumeration by modifying/correcting the entries in the booklet and canvassing of the NPR Schedule for new residents. This would also help you in avoiding pitfalls, duplication of efforts and unnecessary labour. In caseof any doubt, never hesitate to ask your Supervisor or the Charge Officer.
f) You have to only canvass the NPR booklet/new schedule in the households of your Houselisting Block(s) without omission or duplication. The next question iswho are eligible for
enumeration? The following persons are eligible to be enumerated in NPR:
i) Who are present in the household during the period of enumeration.
ii) Who are normal residents of the household and have stayed there for partof the enumeration period
iii) Who are normal residents of the household but are not present at the time ofyour visit and are expected to return back within the period of enumeration
g) Please note that visitors, domestic servants, tenants, drivers or other such person(s)who are found to be residing with the household and full fill the above three
criteria’s should be included in the enumeration. It is important that every personmale or female, aged or infant is counted only once, without omission orduplication.
h) NPR will not cover foreign nationals having diplomatic status. However, foreignnationals not enjoying diplomatic status and Indian nationals employed andstaying with them in  the Foreign Missions will have to be covered. It wouldtherefore, be necessary to cover every household found within your HouselistingBlock

General Instructions for Enumerators

1Attend the training classes, study the NPR Schedule and the Manual carefully and understand them thoroughly.
2. Ensure the collection of following material before leaving the training centre :
  • Appointment Letter
  • Identity Card
  • Pre-printed NPR data booklet (Check that Name and location code of State, District, Sub-district, Town/Village/Ward etc. are correct)
  • Stationary articles for field work
3. Always carry and display your Identity Card during the field work.
4. Before starting the work, meet prominent persons of the area like village headman, Gaon burah, Sarpanch, Municipal Councillors, representatives of RWAs etc. and explain them  the objective of NPR updation and purpose of your visit and seek their cooperation.
5. Visit each household to get information for each member of the household as printed in the NPR booklet. Remember to cover all Households. In case of any difficulty, immediately inform your Supervisor/Charge Officer.
6. Special Charges would be covered later.
7. Use blue ball-point pen only for making entries in the schedule.
8. While modifying/correcting the NPR booklet or while filling the new NPR schedule for a new member of the household or a new household, take extra care to write Letters and Numerals in the centre of boxes without touching the sides.
9. Make extra efforts to record name of the person and date of birth accurately. If need be, ask for Aadhaar Card, Voter ID card of the respondent for a reference.
10. If the work of more than one Houselisting Block is allotted, it is required to prepare separate sets of records for each Houselisting Block allotted.

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