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How to Respond for Intimation Letter from Income Tax Department (Confirmation of Paying form 16 Original TAX)

How to Respond for Intimation Letter  from Income Tax Department (Confirmation of Paying form 16 Original TAX)

If you have received an income tax notice, please do not worry. Click here to know the reasons and how to respond to such notice.
Income Tax Department Intimating Tax Payer thet their ITR 2018-19 efiling Processed or not through Registered email ID and phone Number under Section 143 (1) of the Income Tax Act 1961 Centralized Processing Center sending email to the Teachers and Employees confirming that their Income Tax Returns for the Assessment Year 2018-19 efiling confirmed (Processed) or not and sending text messagesb to Registered Mobile Numbers to check and asking to Download the PDF File protected with password. Know the password to open the Income Tax Department intimation copy of Financial year 2018-19. Follow the given inormation regarding Income Tax efile process.

How to Respond for Intimation Letter from Income Tax Department (Confirmation of Paying form 16 Original TAX) /2019/08/income-tax-dept-intimation-letter-efiling-process-download-check-here.html

Any communication from the income tax department creates panic for taxpayers. However, Section 143 (1) intimation is not something one needs to worry about. In this article, we would be discussing intimation sent under Section 143 (1) in detail to make it help taxpayers deal with such intimation with ease. To download efile process check here the attachment of password protected, and to open the attachmnent enter your PAN in lower case and the date of birth in case of individual tax payers/date if incorporation for Non-individual tax payers inDDMMYYYY format withour any space between the PAN and date fields. For a small example if yoyur PAN is DBSFK6821B and the date of birth incorporation is August 5, 1995 then the password will be dbsfk6821b05051995. If the date of Birth incorporatio;n should be saqme as furnished to the Department and available in the Income Tax Department PAN Master (as mentioned on the PAN card). Adobe Acrobat Reader Cersion 5.0 or above 
can be used to open this attachment. You cannot be able to open this file or view the file properly with any version Lower than Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0.The attached digital communication is authenticated by a digital signature obtained from a certifying authority under the Information Technology aCT, 2000. to know the process of validation of Digital signature, you can find through the Official Website given below.

To Check and open the Intimation Letter please follow the given  below steps:

STEP 1 : First you have to Log into your Registered email (As you mentioned in Income Tax efiling)
STEP 2 : Go to Mail from Intimations u/s 143 (1) updates section.
STEP 3 : Then click and open it.
STEP 4 : Go to download attachment below the end.
STEP 5 :  Then open the PDF File.
STEP 6 :  Enter Password (Password is PAN No & date of birth).
STEP 7 :  Example pass word DBSFK6821B and date of birth incorporation is August 5, 1995 then your password will be dbsfk6821b05051995.

Then you can Confirm by yourself  through Online without checking the Mail by givben below instructions:

  1. Go to the Income tax website
  2. Then login to efiling portal by entering user ID (PAN), password,Captcha code then click on login.
  3. Click on the efile menu and click on Rectification tab.
  4. Select the Intimation/Order to rectified as Income tax or wealth 0 tax then select Assessment year and click to continue.
  5. you can find the details such as PAN,ITR, Financial Year and latest intimation Reference No issued u/s 143(1) and efiling.
  6. On the display you can find the Acknowledgement No are auto populated for the selected intimation/order & assessment year.
  7. Then select any one of the following Request type from the drop down list.

If you did not received any Intimation Letter from Income Tax Department, please follow the below given process to get your infformation letter of (Original form 16):

  1. Click on my Account Section.
  2. Then go to service request. and select newa Request type.
  3. Then select the Intimation on Request category.
  4. Select on Income Tax Return on Request type & click on submit.
  5. Select Assessment year & then select Intimation category.
  6. Then to submit, click on submit button.
  7. Then your Request will be submitted and the Intimation Letter will be sent to your Registered Mail ID.

The Income Tax Department does not seek any information of tax payer like user password and name, and the details of  ATM, CREDIT CARD, Etc. The Tax Payers are advised to note that, not to part with such information on the Basis of E-mails.
For any Clarifications/queries, please call to Toll free       no. 1800-1034455 or 080-46605200.

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