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Andhra Pradesh D.Ed II Year Practical Exam Schedule, Important Dates and Guidelines 2019

Andhra Pradesh D.Ed II Year Practical Exam Schedule, Important Dates and Guidelines 2019

Andhra Pradesh D.Ed II Year Practical Exam Schedule & Important Dates : SCERT has released AP D.Ed II Year Practical exams dates and schedule for 2017-2019 Batch to II Year trainees of government and private D.EI.Ed. Practical Examinations to the II Year trainees of Government and private colleges in their respective districts and we have provided some guidelines here, in our website.

Andhra Pradesh D.Ed II Year Practical Exam Schedule, Important Dates and Guidelines 2019 /2019/07/andhra-pradesh-ded-ii-year-practical-exams-schedule-important-dates-and-guidelines-2019.html
Andhra Pradesh D.Ed II Year Practical Exam Schedule, Important Dates and Guidelines 2019

AP D.Ed II Year practical examinations:

The Practical Examinations will be conducted as mentioned below:
With external examiner

  1. Pedagogy of English (2 lessons) - one from 1-2 classes and one from 3-5 classes
  2. Pedagogy of EVS at Primary (1 lesson) classes
  3. Pedagogy Optional (1 lesson) - 6-8 classes

With Internal Examiner

  1. Value Education and Life skills
  2. Work Education
  3. Yoga, Health and Physical Education

AP D.Ed II Year Practical Exam Schedule:

  1. Spell-I: 03-08-2019 to 08-08-2019
  2. Spell II: 13-08-2019 to 17-08-2019 (except August 15)

The DIET Principals are informed that the external examiners are not appointed for optional pedagogy practical examinations due to the non availability of the students particular in optional subjects. Hence, the DIET Principals are requested to appoint external examiners from the private colleges depending on the number of students opted optional subjects. The budget is being released by the Director, Govt. Examinations, AP,Hyderabad to conduct practicals.

AP D.Ed II Year Practical Exams Important Guidelines:

Practical exams shall be conducted oin two spells, with 5 days per spell
Spell 1: 03-08-19 to 08-08-19
Spell 2: 13-08-19 to 17-08-19

  1. The time for each practical exam is 30 minutes
  2. The duration of practical exam is 5 days for each institution. Govt. DIETs and private colleges where the intake capacity is 100 candidates, the principals of DIETs are required to appoint one more external examiner for each subject from the private colleges where such subjects teacher educator are available.
  3. Each institute shall be alloted to primary school or upper primary school
  4. The same batch of trainees will continue in the same school which is alloted for them for final practical examinations till completion.
  5. Internal examiner will be the faculty nmember of the same Institution and External Examiners will be the nenber allotted as given in the schedule.
  6. In case of any internal or external examiner does not report, the principal of the DIET of the      respective district shall make alternative arrangements with due intimation to Director, SCERT.
  7. The final practical marks shall be sent to O/o Director of Government Examination, A.P, Chapel Road, Hyderabad, Immediately after completion of the excercise.
  8. Principal. DIET shall conduct a meeting with principals and faculty members of all private      D.EI.Ed colleges to appraise about the conduct of practical examination.
  9. Principal, DIET shall record the attendance of the faculty members of the college and copy of   attendance shall submit to the Director, SCERT.
  10. The principals of DIET are requested to issue instructions to record the mark in the central mark register and the sane is applied for other records.
  11. The final practical should be conducted in pedagogy of English, Pedagogy of EVS and Pedagogy of Optional. In case, in English to conduct 2 final practical lessons one from class I and  2 & one from class 3-5. regarding the Pedagogy of EVS to conduct one practical examination from classes 3-5 and optional Pedagogy examination from classes 6-8.
  12. Conduct assessment of Value Education and life Skills, Work Education and Yoga, Health and Physical Education with the help of internal teacher education.
  13. Due to Non-Availability of students date regarding optional pedagogy subjets the external          examiners are not appointed. Hence, the DIET principals are to collect the date fromn the Pvt,  colleges, accordingly appoint optional pedagogy external examiner.
  14. If the duration of 5 days is not sufficient for practical examination the principal DIET can extend one or two days.

Practical Exam Marks: Each practical examination has to be conducted for 20 marks.
The division of allotment is as follows:

1. Use of TLM :                             4 Marks
2. Evaluation :                                3 Marks
3. Preparation of L.P:                     2 Marks
4. Motivation:                                 2 Marls
5.Overall inptressions:                    3 Marks
6. The appearance of the trainee:    1 Mark
7. Presentation of lesson:                5 Marks
8. Total :                                          20 Marks

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