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TSPSC Computer Proficiency Test Syllabus ,Exam Pattern Group 2,2019

TSPSC Computer Proficiency Test Syllabus ,Exam Pattern Group 2,2019
Computer Proficiency test is going to be conducted by TSPSC to Certificates verified candidates.TSPSC has notified that the scheme and syllabus for the ''Test of proficiency in Office Automation with usage of Computer and Associated Software'' is available in commision's website candidates who are provisionally selected for certificate verification for the above post are requested to visit TSPSC Commission's website for further details.
TSPSC Computer Proficiency Test Syllabus ,Exam Pattern Group 2,2019
TSPSC Computer Proficiency Test Syllabus ,Exam Pattern Group 2,2019

Important dates of exam:

Applications are available from 02-09-2016
Group 2 written exam held from 11 to  13-11-2016
Verification of Certificates held on 05-12-2018 and 06-12-2018

Examination Scheme (Practical type):

TEST:Proficiency in office automation with usage of computers and associated Software
Duration:30 minutes
Maximum marks:50 marks
Minimum qualifying marks:SC/ST/PH:15, B.C'S : 17.5, O.C'S: 20

Parts of the test:

Part A: Typing a letter/passage/paragraph(about 100-150 words) in MS Word: 15 marks
Part B:Preparation of a table/graph in MS Excel:15 marks
Part C:Preparation of Power Point Presentations/Slides(two) on MS Power point: 10 marks
Part D:Displaying the content of E-mail (inbox):05 marks

Part A-Contents : MS Word:20 marks

1.Create a document using MS Word and save it
a.Delete character, word, line and block of WORD text
b.Undo and redo the process
c.move, copy, rename

2. Format the text document
a.Character formatting
b.Paragraph formatting
c.Page formatting

3.Spell check the document
a.Finding and replacing of text
b.Searching for a bookmark
c.Checking spelling and grammar automatically
d.Checking spelling and grammar using Dictionary

4.Print the document
a.Print preview
b.Print dialog box

5.Mail merge in MS Word
a.Create main document and data file for mail merging
b.Merging the files
c.Form letters using mail merging
d.Mailing labels using mail merging

6.Table creation in MS Word
a.Create a table in the document
b.Add row,column to a table
c. Changing column width and row height
d.Merge,split cells of table
e.Use formulae in table
f.Sorting data in a table
g.formatting a table

Part B-Contents:Excel :15 marks

1.Create and save anew workbook in Excel
2.Entering Data into Workshop
3.Editing data of Worksheet
4.Formatting the text in the cells
5.Formatting the numbers in the cells
6.Formatting cells
7.Copying format of cell along with data format
8.changing the height & width data format
9.freezing titles,splitting screen
10.Enter formulae for calculating in the cell
11.Copying the formulaein to the cell
12.Inserting built-in functions in to the cell
13.Create graphs for the data using chart wizard
14.Format graphs in Excel
15.Printing of worksheet

Part C- Contents: Power Point : 10 marks

1.Create and save a new presentation using MS Power Point
*Layout of opening screen in Power Point
*The tool bars in MS Power Point
2.Choose Auto Layout for a new slide
3.Insert text and pictures into a blank slide
4.Insert new slides into the presentation
5.Apply slide transition effects
6.Slide show
7.Set animation to text and pictures in a slide
8.Set the sounds ,order and timing for animation

Part D-Contents INTERNET: 05 MARKS

1.Browse the net using Browser software(Internet Explorer,Mozilla Firefox,Google Chrome etc)
2.Search  the web using Search Engines
3.Create an E mail account
4.Send and receive E mail
5.E-commerce transactions

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TSPSC Group 2 Computer Proficiency Test Syllabus,Exam pattern 2019