Saturday, February 4, 2017

MDM Monitoring through SMS ( ARMS ) in Telangana

MDM Monitoring through SMS ( ARMS ) in Telangana | Mid Day Meals Online Monitoring through SMS in Telangana by School Education Dept | Headmasters have to send MDM taken particulars through Online | How to Register Headmasters for Free SMS Based Online Monitoring for MDM mdm-monitoring-through-sms-arms-in-telangana

How to Register for SMS ARMS 

  1. HMs have to send a message from their Official Number ( which they they gave to Officials ) as MDM A to 15544
  2. After getting Confirmation HMs have to send Daily MDM Report through SMS as MDM < No of Taken mdm>
  3. Example: 96 pupil taken MDM then message should be as 
  4. MDM 96          and have to send to 15544

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