Saturday, May 14, 2016

AP Rc 4102 Schools Rationalisation Norms Released in Andhra Pradesh

Rc 4102 Dt 13.05.2016 RAtionalsation Norms in Andhra Pradesh DSE Hyderabad has released Committee Recomondations to Govt of AP and Approved by the Govt same. School Education  -  Rationalization    of Schools, Posts and Staff  -  Under various managements  vlz.,  Government,    Zilla   Parishad,    Mandal    Parishad    proposals - Information   called for - Reg.
Rationalization  of schools  is submitted to Government after  extensive  consultations  with  Teachers  M.L.Cs, Unions I Association   representatives.  The same is  under   consideration   by the  Government,  before issue  of Government   Order.  A copy of the Rationalization   proposals  submitted   to Government is enclosed.District   Educational  Officers  are  instructed    to  undertake  the  Rationalization exercise applying the proposed norms  and submit potential  scenario of school Rationalization in their  district.   Aadhar  Seeded  Integrated   U-DISE   Data with  cut off date 31.03.2016   may be utilized   for arriving at justification  of staff.

The District Educational   Officers are  instructed   to consult   the  Dy.E.Os /  M.E.Os who will be aware  about  the field level  situation.   The District  status  report  as per the  norms  of staff  pattern   proposed  in Table I-A,  1-B,   II-A,  11-B,  Ill-A  and 111-B  may   be  submitted  by mail 14.05.2016, 5 P.M.  positively.

Important Norms for Rationalisation of Schools:

  1. Minimum Strength in Model Primary Schools is 100
  2. Model School with 80 Strength may continue for this year i.e 2016-17
  3. Primary School having more than 30 students shall be provided 2nd teacher
  4.  As per RTE Transport fecility provided
  5. 5690 Primary schools which have less than 19 students may be consolidated with nearby Primary school within 1Km
  6. Only two Tier System of schools i.e Primary and High Schools may be Implemented
  7. Upper Primary schools may be consolidated with nearby High school which is with in 3Km Radius. Required subject teacher will be provided 
  8. UP School having stregnth above 60 in VI and VII will be upgraded as High School
  9. Upper Primary Schools VI, VII and VIII which are running less than 40 and 50 resprctively may be Downgraded as Primary School
  10. High School running with less than 50 Strength can be consolidated with nearby High School within Radius 3Kms
  11. Exemption may be given where there is no scope to have High Schools within 3Kms Radius
  12. Click here to Download Rc 4102 Dt 13.05.2016
  13. Click here to Download Complete Details about Rationalisation in AP