Wednesday, April 20, 2016

C & DSE Guidelines to Implement MDM During Summer Vacations in Telangana

The attention of the District Educational Officers in the State except Hyderabad is
invited to the subject read above and they are informed that the Government has taken decision to serve the Mid Day Meal to all the students for classes I to X during Summer Vacation 2016-17. Therefore the following guidelines are issued to the DEOs with a request to adhere in providing the Mid Day Meal to the students strictly.

  1. Headmasters/ Teachers who are presently supervising MDM shall continue to supervise on rotation basis. 
  2. The schools shall function from 8.30 am. to 10.30 am. and allow the students to go home after taking MDM. 
  3. School Management Committees, Sarpanches, Ward Members and functionaries of other departments shall be involved wherever necessary to ensure transparency. 
  4. HM. of the schools shall engage cooking agencies during summer vacation period also. 
  5. Rice was released 1“ quarter for the classes I to VIII and IX and X. DEOs to utilize the same for the vacation period also. 
  6. All MEOs shall hold a meeting with HMs of the schools in all Mandals and fix the responsibility of the teacher day-wise to attend school during vacation on rotation basis in respect of all Mandals.
  7. All the HMs shall hold meeting with SMC members /parents / ward members Isarpanch at the school level and request them to visit the school during serving of Mid Day Meal. Further they shall prepare a list of SMC members indicating the dates of their visit to schools. 
  8. The HMs shall ensure that atleast one SMC member visits each day and also sign in the Register indicating the Number of students taking meal. A Xerox copy of the register shall be enclosed to the bill claiming the amount at the end of month. 
  9. The Dy.E.Os. [MEGS/Cluster Resource Persons shall every day visit 3 to 4 schools in their jurisidiction and monitor the programme implementation. 
  10. A day wise programme indicating the activities to be taken up for classes I-V, VI VIII and IX & X shall be communicated by the SCERT. The HM/Teacher on duty shall organize the activity indicated for that particular day for the students and record the same in a note book specified for the purpose.
    In all the High Schools the HM. will be the incharge of MDM implementation during summer vacation.
    In Primary / Upper Primary schools, the teacher designated as H.M. or other teachers on rotation basis shall be incharges to implement the programme. 
  11. SMS based reporting system shall be implemented in all the districts for collection of data regarding the number of students taking meal daily from the schools. The H.M. or the teacher who is responsible for implementation of MDM in the school shall report to the DEOs the number of students reported for the day and are taking meal through SMS by 9.00 A.M. 
  12. The HM / Teacher who is incharge of the programme, shall take willingness of parents / students atleast one day before starting of the programme in the school and inform the MEG regarding number of students going to take meal and MEO intum shall submit the same to DEO so as to arrive at approximate estimation of the Number of students availing MDM. 
  13. All the HMs/ Teachers who are incharge of the programme shall maintain records / registers such Issue
  14. Register, Register indicating stocks and the number of students taking meal taking meal and also the
  15. Register to be signed by SMC members / Community members during their visit to schools.
  16. In all Schools] all Mandalsl all disfticts (except Hyd) the Mid Day Meal shall be served including holidays. 
  17. However, the programme shall be implemented in all districts latest by 21-04-2016 positively. 
  18. Click here to Download MDM Implementation Guidelines