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EHS Recovery Deductions - AP Employees Health Scheme

Guidelines on EHS Recovery Deductions - AP Employees Health Scheme 

AP GO Ms.No:210; Health Cards Contribution in November Month Salaries/ Pensions, No Medical Reimbursement after 01.12.2014,  GO.210 AP Guidelines on Recovery of EHF Deductions from November 2014, Salaries. EHS Deductions from November 2014, AP Employees Health Scheme Contribution

AP EHS Guidelines on Recovery of EHF DeductionsFinance Department, Andhra Pradesh state Government has issued revised government order no.210 on November 15th, 2014 for recovery of EHF deductions or contribution from November 2014 from the Salaries/Pensions of Employees/Pensioners and depositing the amount along with Government contribution in the Public Account. In this orders the AP government certain guidelines have been issued on deductions of Employees Health Scheme. This order details as follows.

  1.  G.O.Ms.No.174, Health Medical and Family Welfare (M2) Department, dated: 01.11.2013.
  2.  G.O.Ms.No.331, Finance (TFR) Department, dated 11-12-2013.
  3.  G.O.Ms.No.343, Finance (TFR) Department, dated 17-12-2013.
  4.  G.O.Ms.No.2, Finance (TFR) Department, dated:04-01-2014.
  5.  G.O.Ms.No.68, Finance (TFR) Department, dated 20.03.2014.
  6.  G.O.Ms.No.134, Health Medical & Family Welfare (I.1) Department, dated:29.10.2014.

AP Health Cards Contribution in November Month Salaries/ Pensions
1. In pursuance of the orders issued in G.O.1st read above, orders were issued in the G.O. 2nd read above, regarding recovery of contribution towards Employees Health Scheme from the salary/pension of employees/pensioners eligible for Employees Health Scheme from December, 2013 payable in January 1st 2014. However, as the scheme was not implemented in the United State of Andhra Pradesh, the said recovery was stopped.

2. In the G.O. 6th read above, after State Reorganisation, orders were issued duly modifying the Employees Health Scheme introduced in G.O.Ms.No.174, 175, 176, HM&FW (M2) Dept., dated 01.11.2013 and G.O.Ms.No.26, HM & FW (M2) Dept., dated 05.02.2014.Therein inter-alia, it was ordered that:

  1.  The deductions from the salary/pension of the employees/pensioners towards contribution under the scheme, shall be effect from the salary / pension pertaining to November, 2014 payable on 01.12.2014, Medical reimbursement under APIMA Rules, 1972 will not be allowed for the treatment undergone on and after 01.12.2014. Finance Department will issue instructions to all the drawing and Disbursing Officers, Pension Payment Officers/Sub-Treasury Officers accordingly.
  2.  The benefits enumerated above shall be implemented within the estimated annual budget of Rs.220 Crores, which is derived from 40% contributions from employees /pensioners and 60% contribution by the Government.
  3.  The Finance Department will issue separate orders out lining the procedure and for advancing funds to the Aarogyasri Health Care Trust from the monthly contributions based on the utilisation and settlement of claims.
  4.  The Finance Department will issue orders for reimbursement of expenditure incurred by Aarogyasri Trust towards claims payment and administrative expenditure under Employees Health Scheme between 01.11.2013 and 31.10.2014.

3.  Accordingly, Government hereby order that the contribution towards Employees Health Scheme shall be recovered from the Salary/Pension of Employees/Pensioners starting from November, 2014 payable on 1st December, 2014 onwards and reiterate the earlier orders in this regard.

4.  All the Drawing and Disbursing Officers/ pension Payment Officers are hereby instructed to recover the contributions from the Employees/Pensioners as ordered in the references first and second read above from the salaries/pensions of November, 2014 payable in December, 2014 onwards. The contribution shall be as under:

  1.  Rs.90/- per month (for Slab A consisting of employees with Pay Grades from 1 to IV and Slab B consisting of employees with Pay Grades from V to XVII).
  2.  Rs.120/- per month (for Slab C consisting of employees with Pay Grades from XVIII to XXXII).
  3.  The Pay Grades for three Slabs under other Pay Scales, such as University Grants Commission Pay Scales, will be those equivalent to the corresponding Pay Grades under the State Government.
  4.  The contribution for service pensioners or family pensioners will be according to the present Pay Grade of the post from which the pensioner retired from service.

5.       If both of the spouses are Government employees or Service pensioners, contribution by any one of the spouses is sufficient. In such a case, the applicant shall give a declaration to the effect that the other spouse is a Government employee / Service pensioner, duly indicating the Employee Code/Pensioner Code of the other spouse. All the Drawing and Disbursing Officers are instructed to obtain an undertaking from the employees in the proforma annexed to this order with immediate effect. 

6.  The proportionate Government Contribution is as follows:

  1.  Rs.135/- per month for Slab A and Slab B category of employees and pensioners.
  2.  Rs.180/- per month for Slab C category of employees and pensioners.

7. The Government contribution for Employees Health Scheme will be made under the following head of account:
 2210  - Medical and Public Health Services
01 - Urban Health Services – Allopathy
001 - Direction and Administration
SH (10) - Government Contributions for Employees Health Scheme
320 - Contributions (to be opened)

8. The contribution of the employees and pensioners on one hand and Government contribution together shall be deposited under the following heads of account under Employees Health Scheme Account along the lines of Contributory Pension Fund.
 K. Deposits and Advances
(b) Deposits not bearing interest
8342- Other Deposits
M.H.118 – Employees Health Scheme (to be opened) S.H(04) - A.P.State Government Employees Health Scheme.
001- Employees Contribution
002- Pensioners Contribution
003- Government Contribution.

9.  In respect of employees who are on long leave the contribution towards Employees Health Scheme shall be recovered from their leave salary.

10.  In respect of employees who are under suspension and those who are on leave without pay, the concerned employee shall contribute the amount to the E.H.S. fund through a challan in the first week and furnish the same to the Drawing and Disbursing Officers of the last station they have worked. The services under Employees Health Scheme shall be suspended temporarily if they fail to comply with the above instructions.

11. All the Drawing and Disbursing Officers / Pension Payment Officers / Sub-Treasury Officers are hereby instructed not to honour the Medical reimbursement bills of Employees / Pensioners under Andhra Pradesh Integrated Medical Attendance Rules (APIMA), 1972 for the treatment undergone from 01.12.2014.

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