Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Aadhar Enrolment Drive in Govt. and Private Schools Guidelines

 Aadhar Enrolment Drive in Govt. and Private Schools Guidelines 

Guidelines for Enrolment Drive for Aadhar in Govt.and Private Schools: Proceedings Of The District Educational Officer, Warangal, Proc. Rc. No: 14090/B8 2015 Date. 10.11.2015, Subject: SSA, Telangana ,Wgl - Planning & MIS -Enrolment drive for Aadhar in Govt.and Private schools in Telangana State - Guidelines - Communicated -Reg. Reference: 1. UIDAI/HYD/AP New /Enrolment/Vol.III /1310,Dt 30.09..2015 of Sri. M.V.S Rami Reddy,Dy .Director General,Ministry of Communications & IT. 2. Instructions of Joint Collector , Warangal dated . 03-11-2015.

All the Mandal Educational Officers and Deputy Educational Officer’s in the District are hereby informed that as per the instructions of the State Project Director, SSA, Telangana, Hyderabad the detailed guidelines and Aadhar Enrolment Station Deployment plan for enrolment of children are communicated herewith for taking up Aadhar enrolment in the mandal. This special drive should be completed by 15.12.2015 in this connection the following specific guidelines are issued for strict implementation and already MEO’s were instructed on November 5th & 6th 2015.

Guidelines for Enrolment Drive for Aadhar
  1. Guide Enrolment Agency for effective and timely coverage of all school in the mandal 
  2. Ensure availability of enrolment application forms in sufficient number to children
  3. Ensure at least one parent of the child is ready with their Aadhar letter and proof of identity, proof of address,Date of birthproof of relationship documents 
  4. Should support parents in filling up of Aadhar enrolment application form
  5. Should verify the details of filled in enrolment forms supported by documents 
  6. Ensure power supply, a table and two chairs for conducting enrolment
  7. Ensure that enrolment agency issues acknowledgment slip for each and every enrolment .this is very important
  8. All MEOs should prepare the detailed schedule to arrange Aadhar enrolment camps in your mandal and contact respective agencies as shown below 
  9. Prepare status of enrolment done and report to Project Officer/ DEO on progress of enrolment Daily at 4pm by SMS .
Hence, the Mandal Educational Officer’s are requested to Co-Ordinate with above Agencies and direct Head Master’s in the Mandal to complete enrolment process.