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A Model Unit cum Period Plan of Primary English Class

A Model Unit cum  Period Plan of Primary English  Class|Model unit plan |model Period plan|Class 1 to 5 model Unit cum period plan
A Model Unit cum Period Plan of Primary English Class|Model unit plan |model Period plan|Class 1 to 5 model Unit cum period plan /2016/09/a-model-unit-cum-period-plan-of-primary.html

Unit cum Period Plan

Class: IV                                                                                  Subject: English
Unit: III                                                             No. of periods required: 25
A.    Reading: The Boy and the Catapult
B.      Reading: Poem-Hurt o Living Things
C.     Reading: A Saving Birds
Expected outcomes:
1.      Involvement of children during the transaction of all components, listen and express their views and ideas freely on sympathy and love on all living things.
2.      Children should able to read and comprehend the given reading text ‘The Boy and the Catapult’ and ‘Saving Birds’ individually and collaboratively.      
3.       Children should able to use appropriate vocabulary related to feelings towards all living things in oral and written discourses.
4.      Children should be able to use adverbs of frequency.
5.      Children should be able to write conversations, prepare a sign board and write descriptions.
I. Period wise Details

Period No
Teacher activity
TLM/ resources
Face sheet (Page 35)
Picture interaction
Teacher shows the picture & asks a few questions
1)     Who do you think is the man in the picture?
2)     What is the man doing?
3)     Why is the bird doing?
4)     What are the feelings of the bird?
5)     What are the feelings of Salim Ali towards the tiny bird?
Whole class activity
Black board, textbook

Click Here to Download Primary Class English A model Unit Cum Lesson Plan


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